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Cinema Box HD – Android, iOS, APK, PC and ChromeCast

Cinema Box is among the top apps for watching, streaming and downloading movies and TV shows online. The app is presented only as an APK file on the internet and not on any official store like Google Play Store or the App Store. CinemaBox HD APK can be downloaded from any internet site you find reliable. The same apk file can also help you run Cinema Box HD for Android, iOS, PC and ChromeCast.

cinemabox hd

Cinema Box is a popular app that helps you watch free movies and TV shows now. The app’s popularity is because of its simple interface and great collection of movie titles. The categorisation of movies into “New” and “Popular” categories is what is most attractive to people who use the app. You too can get hold of this amazing application and use it on your phone or device.


For users, Cinema Box HD is useful to browse movies, TV shows and lots of other content for free. The big thumbnails make it easy to use and to download and watch free movies you only need to tap a few buttons. Interested? Let’s talk about the app in more detail then.

CinemaBox APK

Cinema Box HD is an amazing app that many say you cannot do without. The many features and utilities of this app make it an app to reckon with. Cinema Box is the new name of Play Box HD that was once popular some time ago. The apk file is barely 5 MB and is available on the internet on many third party websites.

To find Cinema Box HD, follow the following steps:

  1. Open Google on your Web browser. Or any other internet search engine you like.
  2. Enter “ Cinema Box HD APK” and hit Search.
  3. Choose any reliable website or experiment with precaution if you are new.
  4. Download the file from the website.

This apk file can help you download and play unlimited movies for Android, iOS, PC as well as Chromecast. Have fun!

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Cinema Box for Android

Cinema Box for Android is very easy to obtain. The app is originally designed for Android users, and so you can run it without any glitch. All the app requires is the apk file downloaded on your Android device. Cinema Box APK is available on the internet for free. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to get the apk file.

CinemaBox for Android is easy to install.

  1. Get the apk file as we showed earlier.
  2. Go to “Settings”, enter “Security” and toggle “Unknown Sources” to allow it.
  3. Run the apk file. Go through the permissions listed

That’s it. Once you press “Install”, the app will be ready in a matter of seconds. Have fun going through the entire stream of movie titles and watch and download them at your ease!

Cinema Box for iOS

Cinema Box for iOS is a much queried subject. There are a lot of people singing the glories of Cinema Box App and so it is only natural that everyone wants it on their non-Android device as well. Cinema Box, unfortunately, does not come built for iOS. Since we only have an apk file of the app, it is impossible to run it on the iPhone or iPAd because they only read dmg files.

However, there is a less common Android Emulator that might be able to get your favorite app on your iOS device. It is called Cydia. This app has a smart utility called iAndroid which lets you run Android on virtually any Apple device. Once you have iAndroid on your device, you can easily install the apk for Cinema Box HD.

The easier option is to look for Cinema Box HD for iOS Alternatives. Since Cydia is relatively less used, we wouldn’t recommend it due to concerns for your device’s safety. You can use Cinema Box HD alternatives like Vidmate, Videoder, Play View or other apps to get your latest content in your iPhone or iPad.

Cast Cinema Box to the Chromecast

Cinema Box is also enabled to cast your favorite content to a different screen. Chromecast is one of the most popular ways to view content like movies and TV show episodes and the like. Other services to watch free movies and TV Shows include Apple TV and WiFi sharing. Chormecast for PC, TV or Android TV can help you watch free movies online, all thanks to Cinema Box HD.

To use ChromeCast, When you open your favorite movie to watch, click the Cast icon when you’re playing your favorite content using Cinema Box. Choose “ChromeCast” from the list and your video will be playing in no time.

A much more reliable and certain way to use Chromecast and CinemaBox, however, is by downloading the video to your device first. Download the movie or TV show you want to watch, and then play it on your favorite app. Use a casting app like AllCast and have it play on the big screen in seconds. This is much more reliable, since you don’t have to be bothered by buffering. You can scroll backwards and forwards without any issue and have a world of fun with your favorite content at your ease.

Cinema Box for PC

PC users are in for a treat. The app is of course, not available originally for Windows PC or Mac. But with the much appreciated intervention of Android Emulators, Cinema Box HD can be used on Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 as well as Mac OS of all types.

To understand Android Emulators in brief, let us just say that these simple software mimic Android on a non-Android device. Like Cydia’s iAndroid on iPhone or iPad, you can use BlueStacks, Andy or ManyMo on your PC to run your favorite apps. Cinema Box for PC is really easy to download this way. Let us list the steps to get the app on your PC.

  1. Download Cinema Box HD APK file on your PC.
  2. Download any Android Emulator of your choice. Most of them are available online as freeware.
  3. Install the Emulator and log in with a gmail account.
  4. Run the apk file on your Emulator. Right click, click “Open With” and then choose the emulator from the list of programs.
  5. That’s it! Your program will be installed before you know it.

This simple procedure can get you access to unlimited movies, TV shows and other amazing content. Cinema Box HD for PC can enable you to watch your favorite films on the big screen of your monitor and get the most out of the amazing picture quality that the app’s collection boasts.

All in all, Cinema Box is a wonderful application that is sure to take you to a new level of entertainment!

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