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Movie Box App Download for iPhone, iPad, Android & PC

MovieBox is an amazing app that allows you to watch free movies and TV shows online. The app is hardly a year or two old but its popularity has repeatedly been something to be awestruck with. MovieBox App is a really efficient way to browse your favorite content and watch it or download movies and TV shows alike for free.


MovieBox App is a lovely asset to have on your phone. There is no better app if you want to download and watch movies for free. The ease of using the app is unparalleled. The options are well arranged. The optimisation is perfect. Not many other apps can boast this.

The leading attraction of Movie Box is the interface. The simple arrangement with large icons and menus available in a simple swipe are all one needs to have a great time using any app, and this one has it. The large collection of titles of movies as well as TV shows is sufficient to keep you entertained for every minute of your life, and there is more content being added every day!

Movie Box for Android: Download MovieBox for Android Smartphones:

MovieBox is all the rage among Android users. Who wouldn’t want to watch their favorite movies on their couch for free? The app is not available on Google’s Play Store, which is quite a bummer. But it can be easily found as MovieBox APK on the internet. You can also Download PlayBox for downloading movies for free.

Here’s what you need to do to get MovieBox for Android:

  • Download MovieBox App APK file
    The file is totally free. It is available on several sites on the internet, most of which are third party. Movie Box APK is not a heavy file at all. And so it won’t take much time to download.
  • Tune your device for APK files
    Ordinarily, Android does not allow apk files from outside Google’s Play Store to be installed, in order to keep your device safe and secure. But since this app we are installing doesn’t come available on the official store, we’ll have to disable this setting. Go to “Settings” in your home menu. Find “Security” and enter it. You should see an option saying “Unknown Sources”. Toggle it to allow. This will allow installation of non-Play Store apk files on your system.
  • Run the apk file
    Tap the downloaded file to run it. It will show you the permissions required to play the app. If you choose to allow them and click Install, your phone will have the app up and running in no time.

This simple method is all you need to make your app run flawlessly on Android.

If your app doesn’t run normally, it could be because there was faulty installation or your android is incompatible with this app. Try out older versions as the developers work on their next one which will hopefully resolve the problem.

MovieBox for iOS: Get Movie Box for iPhone and iPad:

moviebox for ios

MovieBox is all the rage among all sorts of smartphone users. Needless to say, iOS users aren’t far behind. Users of all sorts of Apple devices have enquired about MovieBox for iPad and iPhone. Unfortunately, there is no way to watch free movies on iPhone using MovieBox.

MovieBox App comes as an APK file. No dmg files are available which makes it impossible to install the app on iOS. In absence of a sufficiently reviewed Android Emulator for iOS, it is impractical to suggest any app to avoid ending up with a snaggy software. MovieBox for iOS enthusiasts will have to wait for another app to watch free movies now.

You can always go for MovieBox Alternatives, however. There are several apps that can serve as wonderful replacements for MovieBox. There is Vidmate which is gaining a lot of good press. The app boasts some of the best regional content. You could try out MegaBox or Cartoon HD, both of which have great content and impeccable arrangement and classification.

MovieBox for PC: Get MovieBox for Windows and Mac now!

PC and Mac users have a major advantage over smartphone users; the big screens. MovieBox for PC and Mac can help you enjoy latest HD movies on a bigger screen for free! With faster downloading and bigger storage, MovieBox HD is the most convenient way to access your favorite Action, drama, sci-fi and horror movie free.

MovieBox for PC is easy to get. All you need is the apk file we mentioned earlier and a free software called an Android Emulator. This software will let you play Android OS in a single window on your system, and let you access every app you want without any trouble. BlueStacks and Andy are the leading emulators in terms of popularity and user review, though ManyMo, the exclusively online emulator, is not far behind either.

Let’s go through the steps you need to follow to download MovieBox HD on your PC or Mac.

  • Download an Android Emulator
    Most of these emulators are easy to obtain from the internet. Visit their official sites for the most secure version of the app. The files are of average size so they shouldn’t take much time to download on a good internet connection.
  • Set up the emulator on your PC
    Install the emulator. This can take some time and might require a reboot in some cases. Once the emulator is ready, login with a gmail account into the app. It is completely safe, though you may elect to make a new account for the app.
  • Download MovieBox HD APK
    Look up “MovieBox HD APK” on the internet and download the file. This is similar to what we did for Android.
  • Run the APK file using the emulator
    Right click the downloaded file, and choose “Open With”. This will open a list of programs that can offer to play the file. Choose the emulator from that list.

That is all you need to do! Your emulator will immediately begin installing the file. You will receive a notification when the installation process is done.

Whenever you want to watch free movies on the internet, run the emulator. You can play MovieBox App and the treasure of unlimited films and TV shows is yours to enjoy.

MovieBox; the final words:

MovieBox is one of the best apps to watch and download free movies online. The app is lightweight and efficient. The prints offered are great and there are no bugs or delays. You shouldn’t skip this one.

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